Your winter is over

Today’s post is a little unusual, so bear with me. If you get to a point that you feel it’s not for you, you are most welcome to go make some tea and carry on with your life, or move on to the next blog. I won’t be offended in the slightest. Promise. In the December holidays,Continue reading “Your winter is over”

Stop the drama and pass the spinach please

After all the drama of the weekend, I’m super-happy to post some down-to-earth, regular-but-exciting writing news. That last bit sorta rhymes… hmmm. Relax, I’m not about to sprout poetry at you, but I do want to share some progress. It is time for an update for those of you who cheered me on as I announcedContinue reading “Stop the drama and pass the spinach please”

Watch this baby dance!

These are my baby’s feet from Sunday, painted and printed at children’s church. I call her my baby, but in truth she is 4-going-on-16, designed purely to keep me mentally agile. Wow can that little girl argue! Somewhere out there, is a lawyers cap with her name on. We have so much fun together. And yes, myContinue reading “Watch this baby dance!”