Cover Reveal … Finding Mia

I clearly remember meeting my Hayley for the first time. Labor took 4,5 hours (short compared to most), a few pushes and some tugging. Then they handed me this squishy bundle of wrinkled skin – pale, blueish and not too charmed at facing the big world. I was smitten. To me, there’d never been anythingContinue reading “Cover Reveal … Finding Mia”

265 in… 100 to go

My diary informs me that today is the 265th day of 2013. There are 100 days until another year bites the dust. Its enough to make my head split in half. I’ve been scarce here, I know. I do poke my nose in to check up on you every so often. Quietly, like a mouse.Continue reading “265 in… 100 to go”

My Writing Theme Song

A few days back  Cassie posted on her blog about her favourite background music for writing.  It was interesting to see what other writers find their groove to. Alas, silence for me is still worth its weight in wordcount. So here’s a different angle… What is your writing theme song? This is an easy one for me. WithoutContinue reading “My Writing Theme Song”