Cross-training for writers

  How are you all today? 3 days into 2012 and so far? What a great year! *insert cheeky grin* My last post was very broad and general – if it were a behind, it would not fit into the average aeroplane seat. We all know that the more specific your goals are, the more chance youContinue reading “Cross-training for writers”

Hopes & challenges… fertile soil for the DREAMS of 2012

Writing a new book? Not a problem. Cranking out a few articles per month? Completely do-able. Getting through my last 4 kid’s writing course assignments… Lovely fun. Working two jobs, being mom to 3 growing girls, being wife and home-maker? It’s part of what I’m built for. I could go on… My big challenge isContinue reading “Hopes & challenges… fertile soil for the DREAMS of 2012”

Holes in my head… *insert happy face here*

  I finally know that it is true. There are holes in my head, the size of swiss cheese. But it’s okay. You see this morning I started novel #2. Where is novel #1 you might ask? On the shelf. For now. I had always harboured a secret hope that I wouldn’t be amongst allContinue reading “Holes in my head… *insert happy face here*”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ok, so its been a while since I last posted. There is good news, bad news and some ugly news. The bad news? It’s been a while since I last posted. The good news? I’ve been scarce because I’ve been caught up in a writing project for these lovely people: I guess you could sayContinue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

A slap from the soggy sock, reality

 When it dawned on me that I was born to write, I thought I had something special to offer. I knew it would only be a matter of time till my books were on the shelves and I was working on number 4… 5… 6…  Even my first few rejections were scalps on my belt, scars that putContinue reading “A slap from the soggy sock, reality”

When Have-to’s kill off the Want-to’s

There are too many have-to’s and they are shutting down my want-to’s. This is not good. I don’t know what it will take to snap out of this slumpy quicksand of apathy.  I think the big problem is that I feel like I’ll never be clear of the URGENT do’s that keep lining up like kidsContinue reading “When Have-to’s kill off the Want-to’s”

Dream Seeds

Do you have a dream inside of you that you want to badly that it hurts? A vision for your life that will not let up? Maybe you’ve tried letting it die after yet another disappointment, but all it takes is a piece of music or words falling into place, and the desire rises Phoenix-like – consuming youContinue reading “Dream Seeds”

Fruitful waiting

All writers know what it means to wait. And wait. And wait some more… Waiting to hear from agents, publishers… All the while trying not to hope too much that this could be the one, this could be the Big Break. Only to have it all come crashing down in a two line form email.Continue reading “Fruitful waiting”

You want to publish my book? No thanks!

I’ve either just made the best decision of my life – or the worst! I’ve walked a long journey with my novel Shackles.  This journey includes being accepted for publication in South Africa by one of the three major Christian publishing houses – only to be told a year later that the market had changedContinue reading “You want to publish my book? No thanks!”