It is 10:13pm, Friday night. Today started at 5am and marched on at the relentless pace of an army on the trail of the enemy. I’m tired and cranky and feeling somewhat out of sorts. So I’m going to indulge. Is that the sound of taps and bubble bath… I hear you ask… HECK NO!Continue reading “Indulgence…”

Goosies and salty tears

My heart has a way of recognising truth long before my mind catches up. When truth hits home inside of me, two things happen – I get goosebumps all down my arms and I find myself blubbing like a baby. Without fail. Every time. As a writer, I get excited when I go goosies. SimplyContinue reading “Goosies and salty tears”

Your winter is over

Today’s post is a little unusual, so bear with me. If you get to a point that you feel it’s not for you, you are most welcome to go make some tea and carry on with your life, or move on to the next blog. I won’t be offended in the slightest. Promise. In the December holidays,Continue reading “Your winter is over”

ABC Award

You really should head on over here to meet the lovely lady that sent this my way. In reality, we’ve only just met here in blogland, but it feels like she’s a friend I’ve known forever. She is encouraging, inspiring and has a tranquility about her that breathes through every beautiful word she writes. I’m looking forwardContinue reading “ABC Award”

Stop the drama and pass the spinach please

After all the drama of the weekend, I’m super-happy to post some down-to-earth, regular-but-exciting writing news. That last bit sorta rhymes… hmmm. Relax, I’m not about to sprout poetry at you, but I do want to share some progress. It is time for an update for those of you who cheered me on as I announcedContinue reading “Stop the drama and pass the spinach please”

Your Gifting will make Room for You

I caught the tail-end of a story on the news yesterday. There was a man, a brilliant maths teacher, forced to flee his country because of political unrest. He settled in Jo’burg and tried to find work in his area of expertise. Nobody would hire him as a teacher, but he managed to get a job asContinue reading “Your Gifting will make Room for You”

Watch this baby dance!

These are my baby’s feet from Sunday, painted and printed at children’s church. I call her my baby, but in truth she is 4-going-on-16, designed purely to keep me mentally agile. Wow can that little girl argue! Somewhere out there, is a lawyers cap with her name on. We have so much fun together. And yes, myContinue reading “Watch this baby dance!”

On being grown up and not getting swallowed…

It’s time for me to face facts. I’m desperately keen to dive in and lose myself in the world of ‘Finding Amy’, (my second novel for those who may not be following my compelling *snigger* saga.) The brutal truth is… I have two other projects that I need to finish first. Its a simple dinner beforeContinue reading “On being grown up and not getting swallowed…”

Embrace the Chaos

Tomorrow is the last day of holidays before my 3 kidlets head off back to school and I start my rounds of furious hat-swapping. I’ve loved being home, I really have. At times I’ve wished kids came standard with a mute button… but I doubt I’m the only mom on the planet who has hankered after that. So… schoolContinue reading “Embrace the Chaos”


My house is quiet. Everyone is safely tucked in bed dreaming whatever their day-weary brains are regurgitating for them. Me? I think I’m going to let my brain dribble out through my finger tips. Just a little. My house is tidy. I’ve done a bit of admin and some other bits that needed me andContinue reading “Shhhhhhhhh!”