2014: Syncing and Downloading

I’ve had this post regarding new years resolutions brewing for weeks now and I thought it would be best to get it out before January is over. Good plan, yes? Did you make any? How is that working out for you? I don’t do resolutions for the simple reason it’s like drawing a line in theContinue reading “2014: Syncing and Downloading”


    I signed  up for Nano again this year. Can you read the stupid tattoo on my forehead? Yeah, thought so. You see, I write slowly. For a slow writer to sign up for Nano is like being lactose intolerant at an all-you-can-drink-milkshake bar. Sooner or later there will be pain and suffering. Right nowContinue reading “Na-NOOOOOOO!-WriMo”

Amazing in utero photo for writers

You know when your friends get preggy and suddenly facebook is littered with murky scan pics that could just as easily be elephants or aliens? Well I’m proud to share MY latest in utero pic with you … Everyone… meet Finding Mia… She is 1/8th of the size she’ll be when fully grown. Much developmentContinue reading “Amazing in utero photo for writers”


    Have you ever been on a boat long enough to get your sea-legs, only to feel thoroughly sick when you get back on land? This is probably the best way I can describe how I’m feeling at the moment – though it has nothing to do with boats, land or throwing up. Shhh! Let me explain.Continue reading “Landsick…”

Creature of the Night

I’ve always been an owl not a fowl, but with my kids on holiday – my nocturnal tendencies are getting out of hand. My days are filled with wipe this, feed that, mop this, carry that, tidy this, cook that, find this, pick up that, pick up that again, all to the tune of non-stopContinue reading “Creature of the Night”


It is 10:13pm, Friday night. Today started at 5am and marched on at the relentless pace of an army on the trail of the enemy. I’m tired and cranky and feeling somewhat out of sorts. So I’m going to indulge. Is that the sound of taps and bubble bath… I hear you ask… HECK NO!Continue reading “Indulgence…”

Wet, muddy – but alive

The last week has been my ‘work deadline’ week in which I produce a monthly  mini-magazine for our church. It involves some writing, a good bit of editing, some photography, some arm-twisting (to get others to write for me), a whole lot of design and layout and seriously little sleep. Did I mention that I don’t getContinue reading “Wet, muddy – but alive”

Cross-training for writers

  How are you all today? 3 days into 2012 and so far? What a great year! *insert cheeky grin* My last post was very broad and general – if it were a behind, it would not fit into the average aeroplane seat. We all know that the more specific your goals are, the more chance youContinue reading “Cross-training for writers”

Hopes & challenges… fertile soil for the DREAMS of 2012

Writing a new book? Not a problem. Cranking out a few articles per month? Completely do-able. Getting through my last 4 kid’s writing course assignments… Lovely fun. Working two jobs, being mom to 3 growing girls, being wife and home-maker? It’s part of what I’m built for. I could go on… My big challenge isContinue reading “Hopes & challenges… fertile soil for the DREAMS of 2012”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ok, so its been a while since I last posted. There is good news, bad news and some ugly news. The bad news? It’s been a while since I last posted. The good news? I’ve been scarce because I’ve been caught up in a writing project for these lovely people: http://onehope.net/ I guess you could sayContinue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”