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Hello friends,

My eldest turns 17 today! Isn’t that incredible? She can now start learning to drive… now there’s a thought.

In other news, I’m blogging today on International Christian Fiction Authors. I’d be thrilled to my tippy toes if you’d head over and have a look-see.

What have you all been getting up to while I’ve been neck deep in book #3?

Going back, to move forward


So this novel I’m working on is being as stubborn as a donkey neck-deep in peanut butter. I distinctly remember with my other two, being so full of ideas and words at times, that I’d choose writing over a nap. With this one? The naps win. Every time.

Part of the problem is that it’s my first dabble in a fantasy / supernatural genre. World-building is not for sissies, trust me. That aside… it still refused to gell.

Many naps A nap or so later, I’ve realised that I’ve been handling the transitions between the two realms incorrectly. Shifted my thinking and VOILA! It now feels right.

So I’m heading back… rewriting the offending sections. I know that by the time I reach the end of what I’ve written, the words will still be pumping and I can’t wait.

A little bit like life, isn’t it? Sometimes when you feel stuck, the best thing you can do is look back. Maybe it’s a simple apology or putting something right that will oil your wheels and get you going again.

What do you do when you feel stuck? (In life or writing)

Why ?

Everybody, meet my big brother. And yes, this made me tear up.

Wolfworx photography

One of the many things I do – photography related that is- is horse shows / equine shows, call them what you will.


The are wonderfully crazy events which bring large groups of people and horses together to do all kinds of competitive disciplines …

These shows can be anything for 1 to 5 days (commonly), whilst  some of the bigger shows are longer.


From a photographers perspective, they are long, tiring, at times stressful, at times frustrating, and only marginally profitable.

Often people will talk to me, telling me how much they admire my perseverance , or sometimes to ask me why do I do it, or sometimes asking the craziest things that I cannot repeat here :-/

Here is my best reason to stand out in the boiling sun / freezing wind all day , I will call it The Nicola Effect. This is but one example of…

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Where should we go today?

Blogging on HCC Living Letters today…

HCC Living Letters


When you look in the mirror

You see someone small…

You see a body too short

to see out high windows

Hands not strong enough to open doors

Legs that get tired when ‘over there’ is too far from ‘over here’.

But when I look in the mirror,

I see you and Me.

You in Me.

Me in you.

I see We!

What shall we do today, little one?

Come sit on My shoulders, from up here you can see…

Out windows,

Over fields,

Across dim valleys to brighter places that are waiting for our feet.

We can see into Forever.

Those stubborn doors?

No door can resist your hand on Mine,

So pick one!

We will go exploring.

It’s okay if your legs get tired,

we’ll use Mine.

When We look into the mirror, what do We see?

Light-Bearers who shatter darkness

Key-Holders who rescue captives

Love-Healers who fix…

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Lifehack & Peanuts


IMK56266Happy Mommy’s Day to all the mommy’s who may be reading this!

It’s been a week since I became a Lifehack contributor. In that time, I’ve had 3 articles published and I’ve been assigned another that I’m working on. This is good and bad! Writing for them is like eating peanuts… it is very hard to stop.

The thing is, they suggest all these delicious article topics. As you read through them, you think… I could write that. And that. And that… and so on. Accepting an article is a matter of clicking on it and you’re good to go. I have to remind myself that Spirit Walker (my 3rd novel) is my priority. I’m just short of half way through and aiming to finish by end June.

On the other hand, having such a wide built-in readership that Lifehack offers, is a real privilege. So for now, I’m going to juggle them both and see how we go.

If you don’t know what LifeHack is, you can check it out here.

PS – Aren’t these images awesome? They are used with kind permission from WolfWorx.

Lifehack: My first post! Woohoo!

HelloGirlWaiting friends,

How are you all today? It’s voting day here in SA, the weather is fine and my first post is up on Lifehack. You can find it here: 10 Reasons Waiting is Good For You.

If you’re a regular visitor to Doodles, you’ll know that this is a recurring theme in my life – one that I fought for many years, but now have embraced as a good friend. You know the type… they visit sporadically, ask the hard questions, yet leave you better than you were before. Comfortable? No. Good? Yes!

Feel free to share it if you think its a worthwhile read.

Much love, till next time!





Being a Prolific Writer


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The word ‘prolific‘ is one I’d love to be labelled with… Oh look, she’s turned out another bestseller book! What a prolific writer she is…

I’ve aimed at ridiculous wordcounts per day, I’ve pantsed and plotted and settled into a happy combination of both. I’ve changed my sleeping habits, tried NaNoWriMo, read a ton of blogs from writers I love and respect and so on and so on.

The sad, dismal truth fact I’m currently facing, is that if you give me an hour in a day, or a few uninterrupted hours in a day, my output will probably be about the same.

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?

Sadly no kidding here. Maybe that will change, I live in hope.

In the meantime, I’m borrowing a lesson from my middle child’s induction ceremony into High School from the beginning of this year. They start the event with a single torch burning on stage. All the new Grade 8’s lead in in the dark. As you can see from the gallery above, the prefects start by lighting their candles and passing on the flame. The transition from a deeply dark hall to one lit by many individual lights was moving to say the least. The message was clear – your individual contribution counts.

How does that make me a more prolific writer? It doesn’t. But what it does do, is make me value each word that willingly joins the ranks of the little army of words that make up my story. I only need 65 000 of them to show up at the the right time, and I’m done. (Young adult, in case you’re wondering at the low count.) Do I cringe at 500 word days? Nope. Do I cringe at the 23 words I manage to string together before I’m called to go see Barbie perform a death-defying dive from the top of the tap into my 6yo’s bubble bath – AGAIN? Not any more.

All that matters is that I’m adding words. I will not waste energy on beating myself up for not being prolific. Maybe, just maybe… prolificacy (yes, I did just make that up) will creep up on me as I quietly grow my wordcount. Till then, I’ll soldier on, adding each precious word as it shows up.

If you have found any magic formula for upping your daily count, I’d love to hear about it. It probably won’t work on me, but go ahead and share anyway!