Finding Mia Book Trailer


I’ve always said that trying to write a synopsis (or Heaven forbid.. a BACK PAGE BLURB) is much like squeezing the entire contents of your house into the post box. I’ve also discovered that making a book trailer is just as impossible hard.

So I know it is probably too long, but here you go… the book trailer for Finding Mia…


I’d love to hear your thoughts.



What happens after you sign a 3 book contract


I’ve just signed a contract with Pelican / Watershed for a 3 book YA series called Spirit Walker. *Pinches arm* I keep checking just to make sure that the contract is real and not one of those so-real-you-can-smell-the-coffee dreams. Each time I look, there it is, all signed and beautiful. It is truly the stuff that I hardly dared dream of way back when I first had the crazy thought that I should try writing books.

So have you ever wondered what an author does after signing something like that? Exotic things involving corks and fine crystal? Nope. Painting the town red, hiding from the hordes of screaming fans? Uh, not quite. I went to my little girls room (that’s her up there on the beach) and finished cleaning up dirty dishes and clothes. There you have it. Exciting stuff, hey? Hehe.

But the fact is, now the truly exciting bit starts. You see, a contract is a beautiful thing because it comes with a deadline. The beauty of a deadline is that it gives me permission to get lost in my head. It gives me permission to  hide away in my room and hunt words. It gives me permission to say no to some things because I seldom have the guts to do that all by myself.

How about you? What is your big dream and what’s stopping you from going for it?





The Stuff Inside

Hello friends,

My eldest turns 17 today! Isn’t that incredible? She can now start learning to drive… now there’s a thought.

In other news, I’m blogging today on International Christian Fiction Authors. I’d be thrilled to my tippy toes if you’d head over and have a look-see.

What have you all been getting up to while I’ve been neck deep in book #3?

Going back, to move forward


So this novel I’m working on is being as stubborn as a donkey neck-deep in peanut butter. I distinctly remember with my other two, being so full of ideas and words at times, that I’d choose writing over a nap. With this one? The naps win. Every time.

Part of the problem is that it’s my first dabble in a fantasy / supernatural genre. World-building is not for sissies, trust me. That aside… it still refused to gell.

Many naps A nap or so later, I’ve realised that I’ve been handling the transitions between the two realms incorrectly. Shifted my thinking and VOILA! It now feels right.

So I’m heading back… rewriting the offending sections. I know that by the time I reach the end of what I’ve written, the words will still be pumping and I can’t wait.

A little bit like life, isn’t it? Sometimes when you feel stuck, the best thing you can do is look back. Maybe it’s a simple apology or putting something right that will oil your wheels and get you going again.

What do you do when you feel stuck? (In life or writing)

Why ?

Everybody, meet my big brother. And yes, this made me tear up.

Wolfworx photography

One of the many things I do – photography related that is- is horse shows / equine shows, call them what you will.


The are wonderfully crazy events which bring large groups of people and horses together to do all kinds of competitive disciplines …

These shows can be anything for 1 to 5 days (commonly), whilst  some of the bigger shows are longer.


From a photographers perspective, they are long, tiring, at times stressful, at times frustrating, and only marginally profitable.

Often people will talk to me, telling me how much they admire my perseverance , or sometimes to ask me why do I do it, or sometimes asking the craziest things that I cannot repeat here :-/

Here is my best reason to stand out in the boiling sun / freezing wind all day , I will call it The Nicola Effect. This is but one example of…

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Where should we go today?

Blogging on HCC Living Letters today…

Lifehack & Peanuts


IMK56266Happy Mommy’s Day to all the mommy’s who may be reading this!

It’s been a week since I became a Lifehack contributor. In that time, I’ve had 3 articles published and I’ve been assigned another that I’m working on. This is good and bad! Writing for them is like eating peanuts… it is very hard to stop.

The thing is, they suggest all these delicious article topics. As you read through them, you think… I could write that. And that. And that… and so on. Accepting an article is a matter of clicking on it and you’re good to go. I have to remind myself that Spirit Walker (my 3rd novel) is my priority. I’m just short of half way through and aiming to finish by end June.

On the other hand, having such a wide built-in readership that Lifehack offers, is a real privilege. So for now, I’m going to juggle them both and see how we go.

If you don’t know what LifeHack is, you can check it out here.

PS – Aren’t these images awesome? They are used with kind permission from WolfWorx.