2620 posts and counting… seriously people?


 I’ve just got back from a whirlwind trip to Dubai (to teach dance workshops) & Qatar (to catch up with family). Yes, me! Can you believe it. This home girl who has never been off African soil. If you don’t count the boat trip with my granny when I was 15 where we sailed from Durban, into international waters for a few hours, then to Cape Town.                               


It was fabulous and I was spoiled thoroughly in every way. I even rode a camel… (Thanks Kirsty!) His name was Shadeen and he was a true camel gentleman. In fact, the whole experience was a little reminiscent of pony rides for big people.Image

As for the rest of it, don’t get me started – you’d be snoring or crying with boredom by the end of my story. 🙂 I landed home last Wednesday at 8:30pm, smack into organising my 5yo’s party on Friday for 22 kidlets and a ladies tea for about 100 on Saturday. Though I had some seriously motivated and organised ladies sorting that in my absence, all I really had to do was show up with food for my table and not forget my steps. So I’ve been a teensy bit busy.  

Not as busy as you lot though. According to my inbox, I have 2620 blog posts to catch up on! Seriously people? That is going to take me the next 3 months! I’m thinking this is what most agents feel like on a regular day. *makes a mental note to stop harrassing agents who haven’t responded in 24 hours*

I will pop in and see what you’ve all been up to… but until I get to you… Tell me your news!


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Writer, dancer, Jesus-follower, wife and mom - not necessarily in that order.

20 thoughts on “2620 posts and counting… seriously people?

  1. wow wee Di..You have been busy…you did all this in Dubai and then came back to organise all that!!! Amazing woman of God!!!

  2. Aaah, this one made me smile. That pic is really cool! Lol’ing at pony rides for big people. YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY! Nice to know they gave you back when they were finished.

  3. My news….started writing erotic dark short stories, shocking the hell out of ppl ect…
    LOL…..Glad to hear your excitement….happy you enjoyed your trip, like the photos…yea, Ive pretty much given up on my inbox….not enough hours in a day…..
    see ya soon

  4. Welcome back Dianne! 🙂 I’ve been following your trip on FB and the whole time I was thinking “I’m such a weenie, I would never go on a trip like that on my own!” I’m glad you had such a good time and got some family visits in too! I imagine your little family was happy to have wife and mama back home with them, big time! LOL I haven’t been doing anything much, don’t even trouble yourself to go take a look. I’m still in the throes of trying to quit smoking and not doing very well with it. But, I did get off caffeine. My son says 1 out of 2 isn’t bad. I keep working on the other. I’m so happy you are back home and that you had a wonderful time! xoxo

    1. Thank you Jeannie! Haha! I must say… I was so overdue for some time by myself. Like years overdue. We all appreciated each other more by the time I got back! That is a huge thing, kissing caffeiene goodbye. The smoking will go too, I’ve no doubt. Lovely stuff my friend! It’s so good to be back, slowly finding my feet and catching up the backlog. 🙂

  5. *whistles* And I start to feel overwhelmed when I’ve got maybe 11 unread messages! What’s the reading plan, dear? Short bursts, long stretches, or laughing hysterically while going wild with the delete button? (:

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