Bubbles and Rock

When things get tough, do you ever eyeball yourself firmly in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk? I know I do. I just make sure nobody is watching first.

I’ve come to realize though, that my motivational eyeballings – even the very best ones, are a little bit like wrapping myself in a bubble. For a while I can float along, feeling cushioned from the bite of an anorexic bank account, safely tucked away from bickering kids and in firm denial of my hungry petrol tank.

There’s just one problem with a self-motivated-pep-talk-bubble. It just takes one sharp object, one tiny prick and its pops. I can tell you from experience that when you’re floating in a bubble that bursts, there’s only one way to go and it ain’t up. You feel the teeth of your bank account when you can’t buy the bottle your kid needs for school to make your Mom’s day pressy, when you have to say no to your teenager’s social life because you can’t afford the petrol for the extra trip.

It doesn’t take a sledgehammer to pop a bubble.

Yet somehow, when God speaks, there are no bubbles involved. His Words come with a standard issue of solid rock under your feet and the guts to face life unflinching. No matter what. One word from Him, and I’m on solid ground, light years away from the quicksand of doubt.

I think I know who I’d rather be listening to…

9 thoughts on “Bubbles and Rock

  1. I know about bubbles! And the awful truth is, even when I say “enough” and hand it all over to God…what do I do? I try to take it back! Works best to lay it at his feet and walk away. 😉

  2. Love your blog and wanted to show that love by passing-along the nomination for The Sunshine Award. For details you may want to refer back to my recent post Smarter Than a 6th Grader. – Nikki

  3. “One word from Him and I ‘m on solid ground, light years away from the quicksand of doubt.” Beautiful thought and oh so true. But sometimes it is also true that it would be lovely to float around for awhile in a pretty bubble above all the cares and problems of everyday life. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Blessings to you.

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