Goosies and salty tears

My heart has a way of recognising truth long before my mind catches up. When truth hits home inside of me, two things happen – I get goosebumps all down my arms and I find myself blubbing like a baby. Without fail. Every time.

As a writer, I get excited when I go goosies. Simply because I know that what moves me – will touch my readers. Maybe not all of them, but thats okay. Us creative types are ‘moved, to move’. Rory Noland describes this dynamic beautifully in his book The Heart of the Artist. To paraphrase… when you watch a movie, hear music or see a painting that makes you want to weep – its because the artist felt deeply about what he was creating.

I felt this when I read Jim Zee’s post Two Heartbeats Wanted – Apply Within. I caught a glimpse of the heart of the man – the things that matter to him and reading it moved me.

I heard a song yesterday that had me undone for most of the day. Why? Because Matt caught the heart of the Father and sang it over me. Over you. Over a broken, hurting world. I’ll leave you with the song…


7 thoughts on “Goosies and salty tears

    1. Jeannie its a strange thing… in a way it is an emotional response and in another way – it isn’t. Though actually – you’re right. Hehe! I’ll just stop waffling now and say – thank you. 🙂

  1. ‘My heart has a way of recognizing truth long before my mind catches up.’
    ‘Simply because I know that what moves me – will touch my readers.’
    These are my favorite quotes from you here, they hold such truths….I much enjoyed this post…Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts…nice song too! 🙂
    And thank you for the visits and the follow too….

    1. Celeste! How nice it would be to be neighbours that could chinwag about writing over some tea. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I so appreciate hearing from you!

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