The one that got away

I had a plan for today. I really did. It was rather good too.

It involved getting kidlets off to school, then a solid hour writing stint on my project 2, some choreography for dance group tonight and quietly wrapping my brain around cutting our music for the dance we’re working on. After that was off to work, mom’s taxi in the afternoon, home to make supper then dancing.

And then small kidlet woke up sick.

My morning was spent sorting brekkies that she didn’t want to eat, finding Ariel…no no no! Peter Pan. No Mom, the other Peter Pan… packing food for her visit to Grampa (which she didn’t eat anyway), packing toys for her visit to Grampa… catching the ball she was throwing at me – and trying not to drop my laptop in the process. I gave up, dropped her off and went to work.

And now? My kidlets are sleeping and my dishwasher is quietly humming in the background. Finally some writing time? Um. That would be no. Draped over my couch, I have my 13yo’s school gym glaring at me. The offending gym is too long. So instead of writing tonight, I’ll be hemming a school dress.

Today got away from me. In every way imaginable. 

But its okay. I get to try again tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow, I’d better get on with that hem…

Hoping you kept your hands on your goldfish today. X

20 thoughts on “The one that got away

  1. Totally understand, most of my working days seem to be like that with the changes we’ve had at work. Hoping and praying that March will be better. And so to another day, or month to try again

  2. Time suckeage bleeds a writer’s time.

    You seem so busy with the necessaries of life and the demands of a family it’s marvelous that you can be as productive as you are.

    Good job , that. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jim. Some days work out and others days simply don’t – truly a daily juggle. I’m very aware that my kidlets are growing up so fast and they are priority right now – but that doesn’t stop the books inside of me screaming for time to make their way out through my fingertips!

  3. Oh this sounds so familiar. Every time I have an awesome plan and lots of energy for carrying it out, something crops up – sick kids, kids awake all night resulting in super tired and cranky all of us, unexpected guests, and any other number of things. The blessing is in the fact that we get to try again the next day, and the next, and eventually, those well laid plans will come to fruition.

  4. I think you juggled that slippery fish very well. And do you know what else I observed? You showed “in flying colors” that your little ‘kidlets’ were important to you no matter what else was going on…they’ll remember that Dianne.

    1. Oh Jeannie, you are so very good for me. Some days I feel like one of those plate-jugglers – you know those who have umpteen plates whirling around on top of sticks? No, actually thats not true. Not some days, EVERY day! Lol! But you are right. One of my clearest memories of my mom (who is no longer with us) – I was about 3 and she was sewing. I came to bother her about something and she moved her sewing machine off to one side, sat me on the table in front of her and gave me all of her time and attention with a smile on her face. It’s an image that has never left. Thank you for reminding me. X

  5. Maybe your day just grabbed you and insisted you immerse yourself in it totally? OK it wasn’t exactly what you planned…but life never is. Live what your life is now – they grow up fast and you wouldn’t want to say you missed a minute ( but carve out a minute for yourself now and then!) That picture is absolutely amazing.

  6. How often we start our day with our plans all set, but what really matters is following God’s plan. Nothing is more important than our children and so quickly they grow up and are gone. I’m glad God is giving me a second chance with my 8 grand kids.

  7. Illymylife by Joy hit the nail on the head… those days with the little ones fly by, before you know it, they’re 18 and GONE and you’ve got a very quiet house to yourself! (I empathize with you though, but sounds like you’ve got your priorities right and you’re keeping it together!)

    1. Its hit and miss. Some days I get it right, others I just don’t. But we do laugh together a lot and I can see growth in their precious characters… and I am painfully aware of how quickly the time is moving on. So I do try to make the most of each day. XXX

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