Embrace the Chaos

Tomorrow is the last day of holidays before my 3 kidlets head off back to school and I start my rounds of furious hat-swapping. I’ve loved being home, I really have. At times I’ve wished kids came standard with a mute button… but I doubt I’m the only mom on the planet who has hankered after that. So… school term: by now I know what I’m in for… early mornings, synchronizing schedules of who has to be where when and with what, making sure they are fed along the way (a few times a day)… homework and tests, good teachers and scary teachers… eisteddfods and ballet exams and so on and so on. 

Its a little daunting to get back into real life, but the best part is – I get my brain back! For a  few hours a day I won’t be MOOOOOM!!’d at mind numbing five minute intervals. The rest of the day is a glorious smoosh of fetch and carry and listen and laugh and council and shutup and referee and correct and leave be. But… I get my brain back! Did I mention that already?

Amidst the happy chaos of home and family, I’m looking forward to pockets of tranquility, rich silence and brainspace in which ideas can stretch their fingers and toes, rooting into the sandy soil of reality but stretching up way beyond where I can see, to touch the far edges of impossibility. That place where hopes and dreams live.

I’m going to embrace the chaos and the quiet, and then see what comes out of my fingertips. It’ll be fun, don’t you think?  



4 thoughts on “Embrace the Chaos

  1. I miss the days of having children to raise–yes, the chaos too. Now we have 4 little grandsons to love on–it’s a nice place to be! Enjoy every minute. You have a beautiful blog and, it seems, a wonderful life! 🙂

  2. Enjoy school going back! I can’t wait. Still have a good 2 and a half weeks here. I only have one in school, but we’ll start play group with my littles again which wears them out and gives me a couple of hours afterwards where they sleep. Mmmm time to myself….

    1. I honestly thought school going back would mean more writing time! Apparently not. I’ve spent the last two nights covering books and filling in a vast array of different information forms for three different schools. NO WRITING DONE AT ALL! It should settle though…

      Hoping you get to enjoy some special times together over the next 2,5 weeks. 🙂

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