My house is quiet. Everyone is safely tucked in bed dreaming whatever their day-weary brains are regurgitating for them. Me? I think I’m going to let my brain dribble out through my finger tips. Just a little.

My house is tidy. I’ve done a bit of admin and some other bits that needed me and I think its time to give in to the urge I’ve been pushing to the back of the queue all day.

My house is not all that I’m about. So I’m going to lose myself inside my head and watch my how my characters deal with all the rubbish I’m about to throw at them. Nothing like a bit of conflict to keep readers reading.

You see if I can claim 600 words and make them mine in the next 1,5hrs – I will have met my goal for book 2 for this, the first week of 2012. I should get on with it then…

Shhhhhhhhhhhh! #amwriting #amhappy

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