Hopes & challenges… fertile soil for the DREAMS of 2012

Writing a new book? Not a problem. Cranking out a few articles per month? Completely do-able. Getting through my last 4 kid’s writing course assignments… Lovely fun. Working two jobs, being mom to 3 growing girls, being wife and home-maker? It’s part of what I’m built for. I could go on…

My big challenge is to fit it all into one life.

And I guess that’s where grace comes in. I can trust my Heavenly Daddy to order my days. After all, He is the one who put these longings, desires, dreams and hopes inside of me and set them all ablaze with His vision. Surely He is able to make sense of it all?

So I’m going to walk the tightrope of hope, knowing that when I fall short and fail – there is a safety net of grace that will not simply catch me, but this magnificent grace will bounce me straight back up and onto the rope again. In the words of an old Neil Diamond song – pretty amazing grace!

What challenges are stomping the earth and snorting at you this new year?


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