Holes in my head… *insert happy face here*


I finally know that it is true. There are holes in my head, the size of swiss cheese. But it’s okay.

You see this morning I started novel #2. Where is novel #1 you might ask? On the shelf. For now. I had always harboured a secret hope that I wouldn’t be amongst all those authors who would admit that by the time they had written book 3 or 4, they had learned enough about the craft to get published.

Right alongside that hope, was a sneaking certainty that that would, indeed, be the case. And so I’m embarking on my dream, part 2. A ‘fools errand’ if you will. My writer friends will understand. So will my friends who are dreamers and visionaries.

 And you know what? I have learned so much and I’m ready for this. 

What are you dreaming about? Hoping for?

What is stopping you?


4 thoughts on “Holes in my head… *insert happy face here*

  1. That old truism about the more you do, the more you learn is so right. Also by the time you’ve finished number 2 you’ll be distanced enough from number 1 to pick it up and say, ‘Now that’s what I need to do to make it really good.’

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