Life’s little luxury…

So I haven’t blogged for …


Grief. What is happening to my life? I got to thinking the other day… Do I actually have the luxury of determining my own priorities? It certainly doesn’t feel like it.  Rather, it seems I’m at the beck and call of everything and everyone else around me. Hmmm…

Then again, take one life – sprinkle in 3 children, add their schools / sport / extra murals, stir in a rich dollop of husband with a photography business and an unquenchable desire to do 8 day cycling events…  Measure in a smattering of the need to earn money and the joy of being part of our local church body. Crack open a house that needs cleaning, washing & ironing, dishes that need doing… some animals, extended family… a dance group that are sponges for new choreography… a body thats getting older and needs more exercise now than ever (not that I’m getting to that right now either) and top it all off with a burning passion to write… and write a lot.

How much choice do I really have?

I guess I could sleep less?

I seriously don’t have the answers. So all I can do is throw myself hard at God’s abundant grace and trust Him to make me useful in whichever part of the batter He pleases. After all – only the things I do in obedience have any hope of being fruitful and useful – of being batter that rises to it’s full height and makes a good cupcake…

Can I choose my priorities? The truth is I did already…

when I said … I do

when I said … dear Lord, I really want a baby

when I said … Lord – use me, wherever… whenever and however it pleases you.

And He is! And that is enough for me.

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