Why blogging is bad…

Good morning!

Time to shed some light.

Re: the picture in my previous post… No it wasn’t soapscum. Or bacteria, or an ancient piece of artwork.

It was, in fact, the bottom of the pot of spaghetti that I left cooking too long because I was obssessed with posting a new blog entry. There – I’ve fessed up. Burnt spaghetti pot. Maybe I can turn it into art – horror art. The gruesome reminder of what happens when you allow yourself to get sucked into blogland… BWAHAHAHAHA! *shudder*

I could have titled this piece “Social media – who’s the boss?” and I guess what I’ve learnt is that the right answer should be Me. Will I get it right? Rule over Twitter / FB / WordPress? Probably not.  Will I have fun, learn tons from fantastic people and burn the odd dinner along the way? Without a doubt.

Oops – better go check the stove.

May your day be burnt-pot free!


3 thoughts on “Why blogging is bad…

  1. Felt like such an idiot! I think it’s a blogging rite of passage – you’re not a true blogger till you’ve wrecked something in the effort to put up a new post. he he…

  2. I maaay have let the bath overflow while blogging once. But you get to reflect on that folly as you scrape congealed spaghetti out of a pot, or soak up the equivalent of the Steembras dam into everuy available towel. Do you learn your lesson? Nah. You wonder what you missed online while you were busy cleaning up.

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